Why parents and teachers should recommend a book or two to students?

Michael Joshua December 3, 2019

Top reasons why every student must read

Why parents and teachers should recommend a book or two to students?

From offering important nuggets of information to improving various skills, some of the best books to read can help high school or college students in different ways. That’s why parents and teachers should recommend a book or two that will encourage students to read and even help them to create their own reading lists.

Why every student must read?

  1. Get a wide variety of perspectives

Short-listing books to read on a variety of subjects or even the same subjects by different writers present different perspectives in front of students, thus widening their own point of view. Sometimes, the same subject may be presented or analyzed from varied angles while at others, writers from different parts of the world, with varying thought processes and outlooks, can present different topics in their own ways to encourage analytical or creative thoughts, and thus an extensive outlook.

  1. Improve existing skills or learn new skills

From learning new words and their use (thus, improving one’s vocabulary) to utilizing them while talking (thus, improving communication skills), the habit of reading books can help one acquire new skills and even brush up on the existing ones.

  1. Give the brain some much-needed exercise

Students have to rely heavily on brainwork – be it for completing their projects and school/college work or acing the exams. Modern science and research have found that reading makes one smarter. For example, reading a novel helps boost the blood flow and improve connectivity in the brain. This is yet another reason why teachers and parents alike should recommend a book or more to students and encourage them to create a consistent reading habit.


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What other reasons do you think are there for high school or college students to read books? Let me know in the comments section below. To take the conversation further, you can also reach out to me on Facebook, Twitter, and Goodreads. To have some interesting reads, be sure to check out my books.



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