Why it’s important to read books?

Michael Joshua December 10, 2019

Evaluating book reading habit

Why it’s important to read books?

There are various reasons why one should read books. Whatever one’s interests or field of work might be, he or she should create and nurture a consistent pattern and habit to read beyond his or her horizons. W. Somerset Maugham once said that developing a book reading habit would mean building a refuge for oneself from approximately all of life’s miseries. Though there’s some truth to it, it’s not the only reason why one should pick up a book to read from time to time.

The importance of selecting good books to read

To read books and get benefitted from the habit, one needs to be selective. Though one can surely read whatever he or she can lay his/her hands upon, it pays to pick good books that encourage one’s creativity, help gain knowledge, learn new skills (such as new vocabulary) or improve the existing ones (like communication skills) , train the mind to think deeper, help control anxieties, and reduce stress. In other words, good books are those that help one grow to the next level.

Ways to nurture a reading habit

From childhood, parents and teachers can play a crucial role in nurturing the reading habit. Encouraging the children to make a list of books they want to read, helping them set aside some time for reading or visiting the library/story book shops, encouraging them to limit the time they spend on TV or internet, etc. are just some effective ways of doing it.

Reading is much better than many other random habits and boasting of a lifetime reading habit is surely going to pay rich dividends.


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