Things you need to know about the spirituality of Jesus

Michael Joshua August 27, 2019

Comprehending Jesus and spirituality

Things you need to know about the spirituality of Jesus

There’re some people who often say “I’m spiritual, but not religious”. But what does this statement actually mean? To understand this, one needs to understand the core principles and doctrines of spirituality. After all, spirituality deals with matters of the soul and spiritual growth refers to the enlightenment of the soul.

In order for this growth to occur, one needs to make sure he/she possesses a truly spiritual life first through having faith in Jesus. Though learning how to attain spiritual growth is a life-long journey, one can learn a lot of invaluable lessons from the spirituality of Jesus.

The spirituality of Jesus was grounded in both the book of Scripture and the book of Nature. He knew the importance of personal solitude and retreat, for spiritual recreation and personal refreshment. He refused to place himself under the continuous pressure of self-imposed performance or external need. These retreats would’ve been times of intimacy with God and aloneness.

In order to understand Jesus and spirituality, one needs to learn from his humble surrender to God’s will. This humble dependence upon Him was the key to the healing ministry of Jesus. Jesus was dedicated to doing His will, devoted to seeking His glory – to the end of his life.

True spirituality of following Jesus not only connects one to the Creator, but it also brings transformation in one’s life and makes one a better person. Jesus knows everything about true spirituality. He knows what’s inside a man and what one needs in order to succeed spiritually.



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