Things to know about appropriate age to have sex

Michael Joshua October 29, 2019

Identifying right age to lose virginity

Things to know about appropriate age to have sex

Young people may have sex for different reasons – from physical pleasure, feel mature, and make their partner happy to curiosity, be popular, and feel loved. However, having sex too early is one of the biggest regrets they often have. Responses of a latest survey revealed that almost 26% of young men and 40% of young women didn’t feel that their first sexual experience took place at the right age to lose virginity.

When it comes to the age of consent, different countries have different parameters. For example, in the UK, it’s 16 while in Italy and Germany it’s 14. On the other hand, in Turkey, 18 is considered to be the appropriate age to have sex. In effect, it doesn’t matter what one’s age is, but he/she has sex with somebody below the age of consent, the person becomes a sex offender. While many may think that it’s not right to haul young people before the courts and put on a register of sex offenders alongside adult rapists, in reality, the law is there because of a reason – to safeguard the unprotected and less experienced. The global picture becomes confusing when the age of consent is extremely low in some countries.

Despite the controversies around the appropriate age to have sex, many young people in many countries become sexually active before adulthood. But does a good age to have sex makes any difference in terms of benefits or problems? While the issue of the proper age to have sex is an emotive one, perhaps the laws regarding the age of consent need to be more realistic and flexible to make sure that young people are completely protected.


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