Jesus and self – The key to personal transformation

Michael Joshua July 30, 2019

Comprehending Jesus and the differentiation of self

Jesus and self

Attaining true leadership is extremely difficult and there’s a central thing that people need to work on to become one – themselves. They can lead to a more differentiated and effective place by working on themselves and resolving their emotional and personal issues.

When it comes to understanding Jesus and the differentiation of self, one needs to know about the key to leadership for Jesus. He has a nearly unbelievable mission: to change the world. He’s not just performing actions which heal physical ailments, he’s saving the souls, and doing the things which are reserved for God. He remained fully committed and obedient to God completely even to the point of death.

He did this not only as the Son of God, but also as a man surrounded by the same temptations and fears as common people have, yet he didn’t let his anxieties trump his convictions. In the context of Jesus and self-differentiation, one needs to understand the self-emptying of Jesus. Jesus emptied himself by becoming something that he wasn’t previously. For him, it was to humble himself. So, self-emptying can be understood as a self-adding.

To understand the relationship between Jesus and self-awareness, one needs to understand what he shows – the world’s anxiety doesn’t have to affect humans. He himself is calm during the storm and that’s the real miracle.

Self in the Bible is described as the fleshly life of nature, thoroughly corrupt before God (Gal. 5:19-21). In order to enter into a growing personal knowledge of Him, one must come to know oneself first.


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