Importance of film festivals

Michael Joshua December 17, 2019

Evaluating top reasons to attend film festivals

Importance of film festivals

It’s a misguided notion that film festivals are meant just for filmmakers and creative heads. The common people too can attend them, especially if they have a penchant for movies and documentaries that aren’t usually available.

Purpose of film festivals

These festivals give the makers and distributors of films a platform where they can not only market their craft but even promote social causes, if any, which are related to their films. For novice filmmakers or those who have made a film on an uncommon premise, getting it screened at some mini-major and major festivals can give them the chance to showcase their craft before acquisition executives, who may ‘discover’ the film and make the filmmakers an on-the-spot offer (such as a distribution deal). At the same time, film festivals also act as a platform for the cultural showcase of the philosophy of filmmakers. Additionally, such festivals bring laurels and appreciation for the filmmakers, actors, directors, and others associated with the craft, which can go a long way in encouraging them to continue what they do best (make entertaining or thought-provoking films) and even serve as an encouragement for budding talents.

Top reasons to attend film festivals

Apart from helping movie lovers discover great films, such festivals also provide them with a great prospect of broadening their perception as they get to see the craft of different filmmakers from different regions, who have different perspectives.

These festivals also offer a good mode of encouraging local talent, and building relationships with fellow film directors and producers, filmmakers, media representatives, supporters, and other professionals. By using such festivals for networking, one may pave the way for future collaborative opportunities.

Since a key purpose of film festivals is to give filmmakers the chance to get their films reviewed accurately, it too acts as a reason for them to attend these festivals.


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