How drugs/alcohol affects your behavior

Michael Joshua October 22, 2019

Reviewing effects of drugs and alcohol

How drugs/alcohol affects your behavior

There’re a very limited number of people who can be addicted to drugs/alcohol and continue to function properly in society. Impacts of drugs and alcohol are so strong that they make most users overwhelmed and exhibit frustrating, baffling, sad, and frightening behaviors. Almost nobody can succeed in all areas of life equally. Often, the stress triggered by these substances shows up behind closed doors.

For those trying to understand can drugs/alcohol be to blame for one’s actions, the answer is a simple yes. Contrary to the belief of some people, use of these substances doesn’t often revolve around mellowing out and/or going to sleep.

Sometimes people can be heard saying ‘drugs/alcohol affects your behavior’ which is true to a great extent. Here’re some of the major reasons.

  • Use of these substances can make it difficult for one to make good decisions and to think clearly. Often they make it more likely that one will get into potentially dangerous or harmful situations.
  • Over time, drugs/alcohol abuse modifies critical brain activities and trick one’s brain into prioritizing those substances over everything else. Usually, those going through a substance abuse hazard morph into entirely different people altogether.

While these are the main reasons people say ‘drugs/alcohol affects your behavior’, the use of these substance takes a serious toll on one’s well-being as well.

For instance, there’s a close relationship between alcohol/drugs and mental health. They flood one’s brain with dopamine that’s found in regions of the brain which regulate motivation, emotion, movement, and feelings of pleasure. While this causes the user experience extreme happiness, after the feeling goes away, they’re left with


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