How to choose between God and self

Michael Joshua July 16, 2019

Choosing God or self

God and self

In this fast-paced life, people often fail to take some time out to think about their life’s ultimate goal. However, to everyone, the search for truth comes eventually, the age may vary though. To identify the true value of life, one needs to understand how to choose between God and self. A person’s value system is heavily by the viewpoint he or she holds.

For those who get overwhelmed by the thought of God or self, here’re some thoughts to consider.

The self-life centers everything on ‘myself’, causing one’s value system to be self-centered and distorted. When one’s value gets influenced by a self-centered viewpoint, he/she often goes through a cycle of doubting the value that person holds inside of him/her. This usually leads to low self-esteem as the person underestimates himself/herself. He or she may feel a constant sense of failure, self-judgment, or find himself/herself chasing for value in some conditional settings. This can leave the person feeling unhappy and increases his/her own insecurity.

In the context of the self-life vs. the God-life, one can remember what the great ones of the old times have explained – humans are divine souls on a delightful journey. Everyone came from God and is progressing toward oneness with God. When it comes to choosing between God and self, as one listens to or reads God’s Word and spend time in prayer, his/her spirit becomes stronger eventually. If one tries to find the Self using his/her mind, he or she will continue to strive. But if one sensitizes himself/herself, he/she will eventually become aware of the self-existent God.



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