Things you need to know about unreported sexual attacks

Michael Joshua October 8, 2019

Reviewing unreported sexual assault statistics

The term sexual assault, a kind of sexual violence, applies to a wide range of unwanted and forced sexual activity. These activities include sexual touching or unwanted fondling, attempted rape, forcing somebody into non-consensual sexual acts, and more.

Sexual attacks have become a far too common problem ac . . .

How to succeed in the effort of having God anytime

Michael Joshua October 1, 2019

Comprehending ways to prioritize God

While hardships, setbacks, and obstacles are unavoidable parts of life, one can overcome all these and live a happy life by having God with him/her all the time. As long as one holds faith in God and look up to Him during difficult times, impossible things can be made possible.

Every . . .

An overview of the popular belief – Americans travel less

Michael Joshua September 24, 2019

Reviewing American travel statistics

Americans may express they like to travel but their travel statistics, especially when it comes to moving outside the city regularly, don’t seem to support the statement. There’s a popular conception that says ‘Americans never leave home.’ It may not seem to be completely wrong as a recent survey, conducted on 2, . . .

Why we need to separate church and state

Michael Joshua September 17, 2019

Comprehending reasons to separate church and state

People are often told that one shouldn’t mix religion and politics and the saying has a solid truth: when religion is utilized for various political purposes, it takes the eternal meaning out of religion and becomes just a cynical method of obtaining power. The topic of separation of church and state is h . . .

What does a Christian know about other religions?

Michael Joshua September 10, 2019

Comprehending true Christianity beliefs

If one takes a closer look at the world religions, it can be seen that major religions include Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Buddhism, and Hinduism. Each of these religions comes with own beliefs, their idea of God, and what someone can gain by following that religion. In order to live a successful life, it’s import . . .

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