An overview of the benefits of sex education

Michael Joshua November 12, 2019

Comprehending true importance of sex education

In this age of pregnancy among teenagers and STDs and infections, sex education has become important than ever. Though there have been debates on whether it should be taught to children, the advantages of sex education seem to benefit everyone, from an individual to the community.

Parents and teachers should . . .

Things you should know about victim blaming

Michael Joshua November 5, 2019

Reviewing the harmful culture of victim blaming

After a string of sexual assaults took place in north-west London, women have been argued not to use mobile phones or wear headphones, which can be considered as a different form of blaming the victim. The Metropolitan Police offered some safety advice to women like taking care when they’re walking alone, st . . .

Things to know about appropriate age to have sex

Michael Joshua October 29, 2019

Identifying right age to lose virginity

Young people may have sex for different reasons – from physical pleasure, feel mature, and make their partner happy to curiosity, be popular, and feel loved. However, having sex too early is one of the biggest regrets they often have. Responses of a latest survey revealed that almost 26% of young men and 40% of youn . . .

How drugs/alcohol affects your behavior

Michael Joshua October 22, 2019

Reviewing effects of drugs and alcohol

There’re a very limited number of people who can be addicted to drugs/alcohol and continue to function properly in society. Impacts of drugs and alcohol are so strong that they make most users overwhelmed and exhibit frustrating, baffling, sad, and frightening behaviors. Almost nobody can succeed in all areas of life . . .

Things to know about false sexual assaults

Michael Joshua October 15, 2019

An overview of sexual assault false reporting

Recently, much mention has been voiced (mostly by men) of false accusations of sexual assaults. These false allegations have created a very scary situation for men. In the context of the false accusation of rape, some high-profile cases can be remembered. For instance, the former football player and the Duke lac . . .

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