An overview of the life project

Michael Joshua August 13, 2019

Reviewing true purpose of life

When it comes to the true meaning of life, different people opine differently based on their own interpretations. For most people, this is an accomplishment of some goals and success. However, despite attaining these two, people often feel that there has to be something more and there’s some . . .

An overview of insignificant parts of life

Michael Joshua August 6, 2019

Reviewing truly insignificant things in life

Humans occupy a very small part of a mind-bogglingly huge universe. It’d take humans 100,000 years to cover the Milky Way by traveling at about 671 million miles per hour – the speed of light. This compels many people to become concerned about their size and status in this universe. While the universe is over . . .

Jesus and self – The key to personal transformation

Michael Joshua July 30, 2019

Comprehending Jesus and the differentiation of self

Attaining true leadership is extremely difficult and there’s a central thing that people need to work on to become one – themselves. They can lead to a more differentiated and effective place by working on themselves and resolving their emotional and personal issues.

When it comes to understanding J . . .

The historical dispute between God and Jesus

Michael Joshua July 23, 2019

Comprehending is Jesus God

Different people answer the question is Jesus God. According to some scholars, Jesus is a human who walked on the earth around 2,000 years ago and did remarkable wonders. Some others say that he is God. Here are some verses which can throw some light on the argument.

It’s important to note that Jesus claimed to be God. In ver . . .

How to choose between God and self

Michael Joshua July 16, 2019

Choosing God or self

In this fast-paced life, people often fail to take some time out to think about their life’s ultimate goal. However, to everyone, the search for truth comes eventually, the age may vary though. To identify the true value of life, one needs to understand how to choose between God and self. A person’s value system is heavily by the vi . . .

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