Importance of film festivals

Michael Joshua December 17, 2019

Evaluating top reasons to attend film festivals

It’s a misguided notion that film festivals are meant just for filmmakers and creative heads. The common people too can attend them, especially if they have a penchant for movies and documentaries that aren’t usually available.

Purpose of film festivals

These festivals give the maker . . .

Why it’s important to read books?

Michael Joshua December 10, 2019

Evaluating book reading habit

There are various reasons why one should read books. Whatever one’s interests or field of work might be, he or she should create and nurture a consistent pattern and habit to read beyond his or her horizons. W. Somerset Maugham once said that developing a book reading habit would mean building a refuge for oneself from approx . . .

Why parents and teachers should recommend a book or two to students?

Michael Joshua December 3, 2019

Top reasons why every student must read

From offering important nuggets of information to improving various skills, some of the best books to read can help high school or college students in different ways. That’s why parents and teachers should recommend a book or two that will encourage students to read and even help them to create their own reading lis . . .

Watching the characters in a movie – which platform is preferred by many?

Michael Joshua November 26, 2019

Reviewing the difference between watching movie at home vs. cinema

When considering the difference between watching movie at home vs. cinema, people often debate which the best is. Though some say watching the characters in a movie come alive on the big screen is an experience that one can’t get at home, modern home theaters often come close to imparting . . .

Reading and picturing the characters in a book

Michael Joshua November 19, 2019

Evaluating how to imagine characters in a novel

According to Mendelsund, who is a classical pianist, philosopher, and the art director of a major publisher, readers really see with their minds and not with their eyes when they imagine the places and characters in a book.

How the authors help readers to imagine characters in a novel

So . . .

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