Why we need to separate church and state

Michael Joshua September 17, 2019

Comprehending reasons to separate church and state

People are often told that one shouldn’t mix religion and politics and the saying has a solid truth: when religion is utilized for various political purposes, it takes the eternal meaning out of religion and becomes just a cynical method of obtaining power. The topic of separation of church and state is h . . .

What does a Christian know about other religions?

Michael Joshua September 10, 2019

Comprehending true Christianity beliefs

If one takes a closer look at the world religions, it can be seen that major religions include Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Buddhism, and Hinduism. Each of these religions comes with own beliefs, their idea of God, and what someone can gain by following that religion. In order to live a successful life, it’s import . . .

An overview of Jesus in Islam

Michael Joshua September 3, 2019

Comprehending Islam and Christianity

Both Islam and Christianity are two major monotheistic and both of them share some common aspects with each other. While it’s true that Christians don’t believe Muhammad to be a prophet, Muslims do believe that Jesus is one of the greatest messengers of Allah. Learning the elements common in these religions can help . . .

Things you need to know about the spirituality of Jesus

Michael Joshua August 27, 2019

Comprehending Jesus and spirituality

There’re some people who often say “I’m spiritual, but not religious”. But what does this statement actually mean? To understand this, one needs to understand the core principles and doctrines of spirituality. After all, spirituality deals with matters of the soul and spiritual growth refers to the enlightenment . . .

An overview of spirituality of Buddhism

Michael Joshua August 20, 2019

Reviewing the Buddhism spirituality

Because of the long-time debate over the religiosity of Buddhism, some people don’t see any spirituality of Buddhism. Some think of Buddhism as an intricate philosophical system developed by a man around 2,500 years ago.

When it comes to Buddhist philosophy, one needs to understand w . . .

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