An overview of the life project

Michael Joshua August 13, 2019

Reviewing true purpose of life

An overview of the life project

When it comes to the true meaning of life, different people opine differently based on their own interpretations. For most people, this is an accomplishment of some goals and success. However, despite attaining these two, people often feel that there has to be something more and there’s something beyond merely existing.

One can work extremely hard to amass a huge amount of assets but the reality is, he or she will also have to die one day and the person won’t be able to take a single penny with him/her. So, what’s the actual goal of the life projects – to earn money through whatever means and leave behind everything ultimately? This cannot be the true purpose of life.

One needs to design the life he/she loves in such a manner that the real problem of life – the cycle of repeated birth and death – can be solved. And this can only be solved by comprehending the spiritual nature of the self.

To succeed in life projects, one should consider this earthly world as a place of spiritual training and spiritual development as the meaning and purpose of human life. Spiritual training can polish one’s mind and help him/her come back to the Spirit World with a greater level of awareness and state of mind. The causes of suffering and pain are actually created by humans themselves. Hence, one needs to reflect on his/her deeds and thoughts, and correct them through his/her own effort. The hardships and troubles experienced by one are parts of life and act as nourishments for the soul’s development.



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