An overview of the benefits of sex education

Michael Joshua November 12, 2019

Comprehending true importance of sex education

An overview of the benefits of sex education

In this age of pregnancy among teenagers and STDs and infections, sex education has become important than ever. Though there have been debates on whether it should be taught to children, the advantages of sex education seem to benefit everyone, from an individual to the community.

Parents and teachers should understand that as sex is a natural part of life, curiosity about sex is also natural for teenagers and children who want to learn about their body. Starting a conversation early and continuing that as the kid grows is probably the best sex education strategy.

For those who’re still feeling hesitant about it, here’s the true importance of sex education.

  • Studies reveal that the more kids become exposed to sexual images, the more likely it’s they’ll engage in sexual behaviors at an early age. Proper sex education doesn’t lead to promiscuity. Kids, who receive age-appropriate sex education, are less likely to engage in harmful sexual activity.
  • Safety should always be regarded as paramount and sexual activity is no different. A 2007 study revealed that teens that begin using condoms from the starting of their sexual experience score higher on various sexual health measures compared to teens that don’t.
  • Children need to understand the changes that their body goes through, the reasons behind those changes, and how to live a healthy and happy life despite those changes. Effective sex education not only creates an awareness of infections and diseases but protects a kid from all types of sexual abuse too.

Parents and/or teachers, who feel it difficult to talk about sex with children, can try tactics like keeping it casual, using their own experience etc.


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