An overview of spirituality of Buddhism

Michael Joshua August 20, 2019

Reviewing the Buddhism spirituality

An overview of spirituality of Buddhism

Because of the long-time debate over the religiosity of Buddhism, some people don’t see any spirituality of Buddhism. Some think of Buddhism as an intricate philosophical system developed by a man around 2,500 years ago.

When it comes to Buddhist philosophy, one needs to understand who the Buddha was. Though different schools of Buddhism come up with different views, one thing is certain that he wasn’t a divine being, deity, or God. His faculties were completely human and anybody can follow his path, and the person’s enlightenment will exactly be the same as his.

Buddhism is a path of practice as well as spiritual development that lead to insight into the actual nature of reality. Buddhism spirituality revolves around practices that are the means of changing oneself in order to grow the qualities of wisdom, kindness, and awareness. An enlightened being experiences the nature of reality completely clearly, as it is, and lives naturally and fully in accordance with that vision.

The basic principles of Buddhist teaching are practical and straightforward: actions have consequences, nothing is permanent or fixed, change is possible etc. Buddhism addresses itself to everyone irrespective of caste, nationality, race, gender, or sexuality. It teaches practical methods that enable people to realize and use the teachings to transform their experience.

The Spirituality of Buddhism isn’t about going somewhere else or becoming somebody different. It’s a vivid, simple world of direct experience that anyone can care for and enjoy. According to the Buddha, the key to a fulfilling life is meditating, living mindfully, and cultivating wisdom.



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