An overview of Jesus in Islam

Michael Joshua September 3, 2019

Comprehending Islam and Christianity

An overview of Jesus in Islam

Both Islam and Christianity are two major monotheistic and both of them share some common aspects with each other. While it’s true that Christians don’t believe Muhammad to be a prophet, Muslims do believe that Jesus is one of the greatest messengers of Allah. Learning the elements common in these religions can help one to understand that Jesus holds an important place in Islam.

First of all, one needs to learn about what the Quran says about Jesus. The amount of importance provided to Jesus in Islam can be clearly understood by how many times Jesus’ name is mentioned in it. It’s interesting to note that Jesus, or Isa, is mentioned 25 times in the Quran. The Quran also refers to Jesus as ‘ruh min Allah’ or ‘Spirit from God’, ‘rasul’ or ‘Prophet-Messenger’ of God, ‘kalimah min Allah’ or ‘Word from/of God’, and more.

Average Muslims believe about Jesus that he was a prophet and was given a special message to convey to all people. In the Quran, Jesus’ Mother Mary is highly revered and is a respected figure in the entire Muslim community. Muslims also believe in the miracles of Jesus. Several of Jesus’ miracles are discussed in the Quran including raising the dead, giving sight to the blind, breathing life into clay birds, and healing lepers.

However, despite the highly revered place of Jesus in Islam, Muslims don’t believe that he was the son of God or divine. While the Quran describes Jesus’ miracles, it doesn’t ascribe those to his divinity.



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