An overview of insignificant parts of life

Michael Joshua August 6, 2019

Reviewing truly insignificant things in life

An overview of insignificant parts of life

Humans occupy a very small part of a mind-bogglingly huge universe. It’d take humans 100,000 years to cover the Milky Way by traveling at about 671 million miles per hour – the speed of light. This compels many people to become concerned about their size and status in this universe. While the universe is overwhelmingly big, humans are small and confined to a remote corner of it. This difference often makes people feeling insignificant.

The insignificance of human life becomes evident if one considers himself/herself in this grand scheme of things. Humans only have influence over a microscopically small blip of space-time. Comparison of the physical and temporal smallness often takes people to a darker hue, which is the thought of insignificant parts of life. Everything in a person’s life – successes and failures, busy ambitions, joy, anxiety, sadness, and all that make up human life’s material becomes inconsequential and insignificant.

Despite all these insignificant parts of life, one shouldn’t forget the potentials that make humans significant on the surface of this Pale Blue Dot. From harnessing energy from the sun to redirecting rivers to fertilizing infertile land, and more – lots of things have been done by humans.

One should also remember that despite all the insignificant things in life and the fact that no one does matter to the universe, the universe only exists in one’s consciousness. Once one can let his/her ego go, one can become free from suffering and worry. This is the realization where true empathy is born and one starts to understand the inherent importance of kindness.



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